Sager Traction Splint

Sager Traction Splint

One Person Application
Light In Weight - Small In Storage Size
Stainless Steel Construction
Positive Quantifiable In Line Traction

Features and Benefits

  • One person application - frees second rescuer to attend to other patients needs or procedures.
  • Compatible with Anti-Shock Trousers - inside or outside.
  • Ready for use (nothing to assemble).
  • One rescuer can splint bilateral femoral fractures very quickly.
  • Universal application - single or bilateral, adult or child.
  • Entire splint stays within body silhouette.
  • Can be applied in any patient position.
  • Patient can be moved to any position with splint in place.
  • Compatible with back boards, stretchers, baskets.
  • Fits bare ankle, shoe, ski boot, work boot, or any other foot or leg apparel.
  • Light in weight, small in storage size.
  • Stainless steel construction, very robust, economical.
  • No heel stand.
  • The only traction device which allows parallel foot and leg positioning. Pedal binding (figure eight strap) controls internal and external rotation.
  • Controlled one way inner shaft extension.
  • Quantifiable Dynamic Traction.
  • Prevents excessive traction. Traction is quantifiable, a positive consideration for medical legal purposes.
  • Does not require foot to be elevated
  • Anatomically allows for natural body alignment.
  • Can be applied in a confined space.
  • Easy access to Dorsalis Pedis pulse.
  • No Sciatic Nerve compression (neuropraxia).
  • Ideal for proximal third or intertrochanteric fracture (hip fracture).
  • Easy access to Posterior Tibial pulse.
  • Traction remains positive.
  • Counter traction design permits movement and lifting without slippage of traction device.
  • Traction device can be applied with minimum movement of fractured leg(s).
  • Maximises patient comfort.
  • Secures and packages patient for optimal transportation.
  • No body weight limitation.

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